About us

We started KC Industries in 1986 as a small family industry, creating products in our garage and selling children’s toys at local markets.

30 years later, our business has now evolved to be centered on manufacturing quality wooden benchtops to client’s specifications. Customers give us their vision and we turn that idea into quality finished products that meet their needs.

We offer a selection of New Zealand native or exotic timbers that we can create your benchtop from. Choose from either an oiled finish for a more natural look or liquid glass epoxy finish if you are wanting something a little more hardwearing

We also offer custom woodworking services, if you have a vision of incorporating timber into your home but don’t know where to find what you are looking for, there is a good chance we have or can source the timber you need. We can then machine and craft your vision from it.

Kris enjoys the process of heading out to remove unwanted or fallen trees and milling the logs into timber or slabs. These slabs are then stacked to air dry for several years before being crafted into unique works of art.

Reclaimed native timber from old buildings is also an amazing medium Kris has used to create one-off special items.