About us

We started KC Furniture in 1986 as a small family industry, creating products in our garage and selling children’s toys at local markets.

30 years later, our business has now evolved to be centred on manufacturing quality furniture to retail client’s specifications. Customers give us their vision and we turn that idea into quality finished furniture that meets their needs.

We currently manufacture for two major retailers: one specialising in childcare furniture and the other in children’s bedroom furniture.

We also offer a unique opportunity for customers to purchase highly customisable one-off pieces from native and exotic timber.

Our appointment only showroom proudly displays examples of these products and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas with you.

Kris enjoys the process of heading out to remove unwanted or fallen trees and milling the logs into timber or slabs. These slabs are then stacked to air dry for several years before being crafted into unique works of art.

Reclaimed native timber from old buildings is also an amazing medium Kris has used to create one-off special items of furniture.

A further focus of Kris’ creative talents is up cycling unwanted furniture that would otherwise end up in landfill.